CIVIL 17 is an earthworks company specialising in the provision and placement of materials for all filling and land re-contouring needs. We are positioned to provide material and machinery for a vast array of projects in the industrial, commercial and domestic fields at no cost to the individual or company. As part of our service we will remove unwanted materials from the land including noxious weeds and other types of vegetation.

We will happily work with the landowner, builder or developer to provide the materials needed when they are needed. We aim to make the process as hassle free for our clients as possible.

We pride ourselves in ensuring all our work is conducted in accordance with NSW planning and environmental protection laws, as a result we will conduct investigations to identify the environmental and planning constraints associated with your property and prepare and submit all the necessary documentation to council prior to works commencing. Once the necessary approvals are obtained we are will also provide any construction management plans that are required including erosion and sediment control plans, waste management plans and noise & vibration management plans.

All material used are free from waste and other contaminants and meaning they have been validated as either VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) or ENM (Excavated Natural Material) in accordance with the NSW Waste Classification Guidelines. Other materials including road base can also be sourced.

Materials readily available include top soil, sandstone, shale and clay.

Examples of projects we have undertaken include industrial land clearance and placement of materials, subdivision levelling and filling, filling of pools and dams, creation of horse arenas and horse training tracks, pads for houses, garages, paving areas and large scale sheds and other buildings. For more information or to arrange a site inspection please contact us

Because of safety, quality and integrity we use and provide only premium well maintained technology

Our specialty is filling land and providing premium re-contouring services and advice.

CIVIL 17 excels in the provision of materials and equipment for a vast variety of projects in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.